"The thing I love about Stephanie is how she takes total ownership of a tune, makes it hers, and never sings it the same way twice. If you ever get a chance to see her live, RUN, don't walk!" --Kathryn, Tennessee

"Stephanie and her band put on an amazing show. And they were very easy to work with! Everyone at the reception wanted their CD!" --Marilyn Sellers, Savannah, GA

"I call it jazz noir." --Alvy Alvarez, Asheville, NC


We all learned some jazz standards so that we could get gigs. We called ourselves Frim-Fram Sauce.  The guys brought their fakebooks and realbooks.  Stephanie, raised in Iowa, Colorado, and Texas on AM radio pop music, borrowed some CD's: Ella, Anita, Miles... so that she could wrap her mind and voice around this unfamiliar genre.  It took thirty songs to do a three-hour show--a neat five minutes each. We weren't much for rehearsing; we relied on shorthand charts and our growing improvisational skills to learn the new stuff on the fly.


We changed our name to The Stephanie Morgan Quartet.  We made fast friends with some hot young swing dancers. Ever-increasingly, we swung.  We didn't articulate a plan to dig the depths of our musical backgrounds. It just happened. On our eighieth-some-odd gig, Bill hip-hopped the bridge, or Mike bowed something on the bass, or Chuck played a Van Halen lick, or Steph changed the phrasing. Like a vice grip on some tunes, more subtly on others, the style took hold.


The dancers more than kept up.  They adapted to us, and we to them.


That was years ago.  Since then, Stephanie and Chuck formed an original touring indie-pop band called Stephaniesid (, which has kept them on the road a lot.  And they got married in Iceland, Steph and Chuck's weddingthe home of so much big, big music and art.  And Bill started Asheville’s Firecracker Jazz Band and then moved to L.A. and formed the band Truth & Salvage Company who toured with the Black Crowes in 2009.  Mike went to work for Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona, Arizona. 


And then, after an extended hiatus, The Stephanie Morgan Quartet plus a horn section and guitarist played at the huge Lindy Focus event in Asheville.  We had so much fun that we decided we should re-band…  we simplified the name to Crybaby and roped in Stephaniesid drummer Tim Haney and others. 


Crybaby plays hip, beautiful, edgy, danceable cover songs for public and private events.  The band consists of four core members (lead vocals, keyboard/piano, drums, and bass) and often includes other instruments such as guitar, horns, or vibraphone.  The band is adept at playing with the energy of almost any crowd... fans of Crybaby are adults, children, swing dancers, seniors, and music critics.  Though made up of original artists, all with different writing styles, Crybaby's philosophy is driven by great music that has gone before.  Crybaby takes a great song and brings it into the now, through creative arrangement and improvisation.  Fan favorites are the band's sensual swing version of "Fever," the epic, oceanic performance of "My Favorite Things,"  and the gorgeously gritty rendition of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine".
Crybaby at Sosh and Lisa Howell's Wedding, Atlanta

Crybaby at Sosh & Lisa's Wedding, Atlanta

Crybaby at Sosh & Lisa's Wedding, Atlanta

Photos:  Sosh and Lisa Howell's wedding, Atlanta, GA

Crybaby plays...
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Club/Music venue shows
  • Festivals
  • Store openings
  • Other creative happenings
SMQ generally plays for 3 hours with 2 musician breaks.  We travel with a sound system. 

Price varies based upon travel, playtime, additional musicians, and other considerations.  Contact us and we'll provide a quote for you.